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About IONTek LLC

IONTek is an International company, with offices in the USA, Argentina, Trinidad and Mexico dedicated to providing advanced technologies to the Oil & Gas Industry and solutions for Water Treatment worldwide. IONTek is an International company, with offices in the USA, ArgentINa and Colombia ,

We have developed a unique system to improve Heavy Crude Oils, that can raise the API by 60% or more, and reduce Viscosity by as much as 80%/

This process has also been used to recover Hydrocarbon sludge from Storage tanks and spill or sediment ponds.

This is of particular interest for Oil companies operating marginal wells, or producers of heavy and extra-heavy crude Oil, since the process replaces oil oil-blending solutions. In addition, in many countries, Oil sludge is an environmental hazard and is considered toxic waste. Our process can recover this material, and turn it into valuable commercial-grade crude oil.. while performing an important environmental task.

IONTek International , through its local subsidiary in Argentina is currently working with the local Oil Companies to implement this solution, our process having passed rigorous field-tests. The process has already been certified by Argentina