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Oil-Water Separation

Iontek technology is extremely efficient in the process of Oil-water separation. Our Cavitation reactors produce a high level of Ionization in both fresh and salt water, and it is a well established scientific fact that ionized water naturally repels Oil.

This effect is used in the Oil industry to INCREASE production in oil wells by re-injecting or water-flooding the subterranean formation with ionized production water.

However, it can also be used to very efficiently clean Oil-contaminated water in lakes, rivers and oceans and to recover spilled oil with minimal ecological effect.

Our engineers will assist with the best design for the type of vessel, the nature of the oil spill and the specific body of water.

The system can be used to recover and separate surface spills (skimming) and also sub-surface oil. The equipment can be easily installed on deck, for a more temporary use, or in the ships holds.

We have alliances with several large US barge and ship companies who closely works with us to satisfy any requirement for water cleaning and oil recovery effort.