DAB Recycling LLC, Grease & Oil Recycling

//DAB Recycling LLC, Grease & Oil Recycling
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Project Description

IONTEK has partnered with DAB Recycling LLC, a company in Broward County, Florida, that recycles grease and used Oil.

These discarded cooking oils and organic fats are collected at grease traps, and are a mandatory feature in all restaurants, hotels, school and other public cooking places, as they cannot be legally discharged in the sewer system . These oils are then sent to the DAB Recycling plant , where they are separated from water and solids, and can be sold as clean recycled oil, to become bio-diesel or part of other organic products.

IONTEK Cavitation Reactors are an instrumental part of this process, in separating the oil from water and solid with high efficiency, allowing the water to be discharged in compliance with the County standards of quality.”