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“IONTek is an International company, with offices in the USA, Argentina , Colombia and Trinidad , dedicated to providing advanced technologies to the Oil & Gas Industry and solutions for Water Treatment, Oil Improvement and Sludge recovery .We have developed a unique system to treat produced water that increases Oil production. This is of particular interest for Oil companies operating marginal wells, or wells with declining production. IONTEK International, has also proven with Oil companies in Mexico and Argentina, its unique system for heavy Oil improvement, and the recovery of Oil sludge form storage tanks into commercial-grade crude.

Recent Projects

Mexican Oil Field Operator DIAVAZ


IONTEK has successfully demonstrated its proprietary Oil Improvement process for Mexican Oil Field operator DIAVAZ (www.diavaz.com) in the state of Tamaulipas. Diavaz fields produce extra-heavy Oil with high viscosity API: 8-9). Our process was able to “lighten” the crude oil to an API of 16.2 and reduce the viscosity by 60%. A contract for the treatment of DIAVAZ Oil is being negotiated.

Oil Recovery Panamerican Energy (Argentina)


Pan American Energy, a Joint Venture with BP, contracted IONTEK to recover Crude Oil from a Sludge and slop tank, which had not been treated for well over 18 years, in the Santa Cruz Province of southern Argentina. Our installation included a mobile (containerized) unit with a 2-stage cavitation reactor and 2 pumps, plus automatic monitoring and control systems. After 2 weeks, we recovered about 60% of the tank’s capacity in recoverable commercial-grade oil.

Hydrocarbon Deposits, Tampico Mexico


IONTEK was approached by in 2017 a PEMEX contractor, who needed to clean valuable hydrocarbon deposits in the state of Tampico, Mexico. These heavy hydrocarbons have been contained in man-made lagoons, where they have remained several years. Working with this contractor, IONTEK designed and tested a process plant to remove the extra-heavy sediments and to turn them into valuable commercial-grade crude oil. Work is expected to start in the second half of 2018, pending crude export permits.

DAB Recycling LLC, Grease & Oil Recycling


IONTEK has partnered with DAB Recycling LLC, a company in Broward County, Florida, that recycles grease and used Oil. These discarded cooking oils and organic fats are collected at grease traps, and are a mandatory feature in all restaurants, hotels, school and other public cooking places, as they cannot be legally discharged in the sewer system . These oils are then sent to the DAB Recycling plant , where they are separated from water and solids, and can be sold as clean recycled oil, to become bio-diesel or part of other organic products.